Toddler Stroller Pose Pack

Published August 30, 2014 by SimMadMeg

There is a serious lack of resized toddler poses. And I am using a resized toddler in the next few chapters of my story. I was just going to do a few poses for myself but I got pretty carried away. Fast forward 6 hours and here we are. 9 poses. 4 for resized toddlers, 3 for regular sized toddlers and 2 for adults.

Picture 1: a toddler sleeping and their older sibling holding on to the back of the stroller



Picture 2: A toddler chilling in their stroller drinking a bottle

Screenshot-40 Screenshot-42

Pose Name: p_pushchair2_smm

(can be used with 1b and 1c)

Picture 3: Toddler smiling holding a teddy bear

Screenshot-43 Screenshot-44

Picture 4: Toddler Tantruming. What child is happy 100% about being strapped into the pushchair? None.

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47

Picture 5: Toddler sitting in stroller drinking a bottle

Screenshot-48 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-49

Picture 6: Father and Son being silly (and maybe a bit unsafe but I have noticed dad’s are more relaxed about that sort of thing)

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-53 Screenshot-52 Screenshot-55

These are poselist compatible!

For some of the toddler poses the OMSP RESIZER is used at 75%

I got the baby bottle accessory from here

And I got the teddy bear from here (The package called “mitarasi-ob-lovebear-deco-1” Resized to 33%)

Have fun with the poses and just don’t take credit for them or upload to a pay site 🙂







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